Image: Büro Jantzen, Copenhagen Media Center

Social programme

Thursday early evening

After the conference ends on Thursday, there will be a historic city walk with with Kim. We will meet at the main entrance of the venue. The full walk is 4.5 km and will take approximately 1h45m. There is an inbuilt shortcut cutting the route to 3km and approximately 1h. The walk ends in Nyhavn.

Thursday evening

Everybody who wants to hang our with their fellow conference delegates, can join us for food and drinks at the bridge street kitchen next to Nyhavn, Strandgade 95, at 19.30.

Friday afternoon

After the conference, we will all go to Fælledparken, located right next to Rigshospitalet. We will bring some skateboards and it will be possible to try out some cool tricks on the skatepark. For those that like to juggle, there will be plenty of hula hoops and if anybody likes to kick a ball there will be free beers for anyone that can score a goal on Katrine from the conference committee.

Friday evening

The conference party will take place at Støberiet, Blågårds Plads 5. Wear your best party outfit and be ready to dance like nobody’s watching, to the tunes from the best DJ in Copenhagen! The party starts at nine so come early and get sweaty with us! No registration is needed, but bring your conference badge for the door. If you have any funky party decorations that you want to bring, then please do so! We would love the party venue to be full of flags, pennants, LED-lights and glitter!