Image: Martin Heiberg, Copenhagen Media Center

Organizing committee

Kim Mathiasen
Head of scientific committee

Psychologist, PhD student
Aarhus University Hospital

Kim is a PhD student studying iCBT in routine care in the Danish Mental Health Care Services. He was a pioneer in Denmark where he made the first Danish iCBT programs from 2006 to 2008 and later established the first large scale iCBT clinic in Denmark: Internetpsykiatrien. Today he is working on implementing and researching e-Mental health at the Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark.

Charlotte Mühlmann
Head of local organizing committee, fun & games

PhD student
Danish Research Institute for Suicide Prevention

Charlotte has been involved in suicide preventive research since 2012 where she started working at a suicide preventive clinic in Denmark. In her Ph.d., the Self-help Online against Suicidal thoughts (SOS) trial, she examines the effect of an internet-based therapy program for people with suicide thoughts.

Robin Kok
Scientific committee, Twitter guru, closet rockstar

Assistant professor of ehealth
University of Southern Denmark & Centre for Innovative Medical Technologies, OUH.

Robin has been researching internet based interventions since 2009. His PhD focused on an internet based intervention for people with phobias in outpatient clinics. He is currently working on several projects for internet based interventions for mental health.

Katrine Ingeman Beck
Local organizing committee

Psychologist, PhD student
Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Aarhus University Hospital

Katrine is working on her PhD project targetting health anxiety by proxy. The core of the project is to develop and test an internet intervention to help parents who suffer the fear that their children are severly ill.

Nicolai Ladegaard
Sponsor manager

Research and clinical psychologist
Aarhus University Psychiatric Hospital

Nicolai has done research in social cognition and currently involved in developing eHealth solutions for psychiatric care with a focus on passive sleep data collection and its clinical utilization.

Nicolaj Knudsen
Webmaster and dance workshop teacher

Web and software developer
Research Clinic for Functional Disorders and Psycosomatics, Aarhus University Hospital

Nicolaj is the main developer on the invervention platform which hosts, among others, ACT online - treatment for health anxiety and the SOS trial - Self-help Online against Suicidal thoughts.

The following organizations are co-organizing the esrii 2019 conference

Centre for Telepsychiatry

The Centre for Telepsychiatry is a research and development department of the Mental Health Services of Southern Denmark. It hosts multiple teams working with development and implementation, research on e-Mental Health, and the national iCBT clinic Internetpsykiatrien. The Centre for Telepsychiatry is the first dedicated research and development centre for e-Mental Health in the Danish health care sector.

Aarhus University Hospital

The Department of Depression and Anxiety at Aarhus University Hospital is a large department treating more than 6,500 unique patients per year for affective, anxious, and personality disorders. Additionally, it houses a research unit, which has recently launched a strategy on research in e-Mental health for intensifying focus and investment in the field.

Psychiatric Centre Copenhagen

Psychiatric Centre Copenhagen is the biggest mental health centre in Denmark and a part of the Capital Regions psychiatry. The psychiatric centre has five psychiatric research departments that over the last couple of years have initiated several projects investigating the effect of Virtual Reality, Internet-based therapy, and smartphone-based monitoring and treatment.