Image: Martin Heiberg, Copenhagen Media Center

About esrii

The European Society for Research on Internet Interventions (esrii) is a non-profit organization committed to advance research on e-health interventions.

E-health interventions comprise existing and emerging technologies, including the Internet, mobile devices, digital gaming, virtual reality, remote sensing, and robotics. The mission of the organization is to foster excellence in evidence-based e-health interventions targeting behavioral and mental health.

Every second-year esrii organizes a conference in Europe for researchers, clinicians, and policy experts. The last esrii conference was held in Dublin, Ireland, and had over 190 participants.

We are in Denmark proud to be the hosts of the next conference, that will take place in September 2019 in our beautiful capital, Copenhagen.

There will be no conference fee, and we hope that many young researchers from all over Europe will participate!